We introduce our products.

Textile Machinery Parts

World-class technologies. Stable and long life textile machinery parts.

We have the advantage of high value added development of products and high technological capabilities, therefore lots of customers rely on us as the leader company of textile machinery parts.

Precision Machinery Parts

High Performance and High Value. Development of new products, forward thinking with customers.

We supply high performance and high value base on the reliable core technologies, which have been developed by our spindle production technologies.

Packing materials

Triple wall corrugated fiberboard.Tri-Wall Pac.

Tri-Wall Pac has excellent merits of "lightweight","Reduction of the volume","Shortening of packing hours","Needless of fumigration". It fullfills an important role for cost-cutting in every situation.

Bearing products & Steering products

Innovaiton of production & technologies. Manufacturing high quality & high performance parts.

We manufacture high-quality and high-performance Bearings & Steering Parts with our original lathing technology and intensive quality controls.

Other services

Provide reliable survices. We can meet various customer's requests.

We import and sell high-quality products both domestically and internationally in order to meet customer's various needs.


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