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Packaging Materials

Tri-Wall Pac is the world's most reliable brand of triple wall corrugated fiberboad.

Tri-Wall Pac is the packing materials for export as an alternative to the wood, iron and plastic and it is used by leading companies all over the world. Tri-Wall Pac has remarkable merits such as lightweight, reducton of volume, shortening the packing time and unnecessary of fumigaiton, and fullfills an important role in cost cutting such as transportation of heavy cargo and sea freight transportation.

Tri-Wall Pac Paper Pallet
Tri-Wall Pac weigh about 1/3~1/4 as much as wooden carton. In case of airfreight, the difference of weight effects to freight cost directly.
Reduction of the volume
Its volume shows a decrease of 10%~40% less than the wooden carton by the coherent packing design which has shock absorption.
Carry efficiency increases drastically, and freight cost at major-ton conversion is reduced substantially.
Shortening of the packing time
The lightweight Tri-Wall Pac have the advantages of easy hadling and assembling wit the small manpower and reducing working hours.
It leads to the reduction of labor cost such as payroll and working hours.
Various uses
Tri-Wall Pac is used for various transportation such as machinery, auto component, computer, metals, ceramics and chemical agricultural products.


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