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Twisting machine spindles for textile

We have a history of spindle production for more than 140years, and we keep producing spindles for apparel such as TFO spindle and Covering Spindle and spindles for industry such as Tire Cord Spindle, Glass fiber Spindle and Spindle for fishing net. We design and produce new types per customer's request. Applying the manufacturing technique of high speed rotation, we supply the spindle and rotation unit to not only textile industry but also the other fields.
We also supply durable, long-lasting spindles, ranging from apparel to industrial materials, which steadily rotate even at high speed.

Heavy-Duty Spindles

Twisting Spindle
Covering Spindle
Draw Twister Spindle
Tire Cord Spindle
Glass Fiber Spindle

Motor Spindle

Motor Spindle uses the high-efficiency individual-spindle motor driven system with a mini servomotor.

Glass Fiber Spindle
Covering Spindle


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