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Founding Spirit and Philosophy

Founder's Principles

Management Philosophy

Our Mission
To contribute to society producing and distributing high value added machinery parts and units with our core technology acquired through spindle production.
Our Goal
To contribute to our society and increase both customer and employee satisfaction, aiming to be the single most prosperous and reliable company.

Our Guidelines for Action

  1. We shall act and make proposals one step ahead, putting ourselves in the customers' position.
  2. We shall never be satisfied with the present condition, and shall tackle reforms while maintaining a constant awareness of issues.
  3. We shall provide high-quality service, always keeping gratitude in mind and striving to improve our character.
  4. In order to provide rewarding and challenging work, the company shall offer an environment which allows all employees to play active roles and undertake training and which encourages them to grow persnally and realize their dreams.

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