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Message from the President

Since its foundation in 1868, our company has developed in the face of diverse changes in the world economy. Based upon the same spirit we had defined at the time of our foundation, we have committed ourselves to the development of many kinds of innovative technologies and have endeavored to satisfy our clients with our products. We are thankful that the active support and guidance provided by our clients-including users, purchasers, and many people living in our local area-have led us to our present status. The idea that a business entity should always maintain its existence is the basis of our management principle, which we have followed while engaging in our business honestly and entusiastically.
Since we believe that "human resources" are the most important assets for a company, we have put into practice our value of "respecting humans and fostering human dignity".
As our ultimate goal, we will create a company in which every individual's ability is brought into full play.

CEO Masahiko Kimura           

[Head Office] 80 Tenjin Yamakawa-cho Yoshinogawa-shi Tokushima 779-3402 Japan
Tel +81-883-42-4121  / Fax +81-883-42-4125
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