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Our Strong Points

Trusted by our customers since we started spindle production 400 years ago

We have lived together with the history of the world textile industry and established worldwide "AWA Brand" through spindle production and sale since our company's foundation in the first year of Meiji era(1868).
Moreover, we challenge the development of new technology with the customers and open the way to the future of "Monozukuri",and we challenge the development of human resources

World record-setting production of 3kinds of products

From the material choice to completed products, we keep on challenging for "Development of products" to supply better than expected high value added products.
As a result, we established the world's best amount of production of 3 products.

High technological capabilities

Our history of technological innovation has started from the production of "Tsumu" by founder.
We introduced case hardening, the admanced technology at that time in 1820, since then, laid the foundation for the technologies of redio-frequency hardening, high precision processing technology to make the stable rotation and the technology to modify the imbalances. At present, we have technical capabilities to manufacture "The World's best high-speed Spindle" spinning 1million RPM, and make further technologies innovation as a specialist of rotating body.

Forward-thinking,world-class development of new products

Since its foundation in 1868, we continue the forward-thinking, high value added development of new products, and challenge to become the best in the world with the development power which provides the customer utility and keep our status.

The most reliable service enviroment anywhere

We establish the service station in Japan, China and Indonesia so that the customers can use our products safely.
Moreover, we suplly the familiar and detaled after-purchase servicing to the customers of fiber maker and machine maker in the world not only in Japan.
We also have a plan to expand the services network in Midle East area and Africa in the future.

A commitment to continue to grow together along with our customers,suppliers,
and the local population.

We aquired world-class quality and enviromental standard, enhance the quality of management, contribute to the development of Japan and world industry with "Sanpo-yoshi" principle and supply more affluent and healty life by our high quality textile machinery parts.


[Head Office] 80 Tenjin Yamakawa-cho Yoshinogawa-shi Tokushima 779-3402 Japan
Tel +81-883-42-4121  / Fax +81-883-42-4125
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